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Participate in the Wings of the City Instagram contest for a chance to win a lithograph by Jorge Marín!


1. Follow @JorgeMarinMX, @HispanicAllianceSC, and @GvilleEvents on Instagram!

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2. Take a picture posing in front of one of the sculptures.


3. Post the picture in your Instagram feed (not in Stories) using the hashtag #WingsoftheCityGVL


4. Include a word, phrase or quote in your caption that conveys what the sculpture or the exhibit means to you.  

Three winners will be selected based on the numbers of likes. First and second place will win a lithograph by Jorge Marín and the person in third place will receive a generous basket of goodies and gift cards from local Greenville businesses!


1. Organizers

Jorge Marín Foundation (FJM), in collaboration with the Hispanic Alliance (HA), and the Consulate of Mexico in Raleigh (CM).


2. Objectives

  • Promote the Wings of the City exhibition by the Mexican sculptor Jorge Marín.

  • Promote the City of Greenville as an arts and culture destination.

  • Encourage the public to visit Falls Park and Graham Plaza to interact with the exhibition.

  • Promote contemporary Mexican art and culture through the work of Jorge Marín.


3.Geographic scope and participants

All people, without age limit, residents of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia who have an Instagram account can participate for free and voluntarily.

Underage individuals can participate through their parent or legal guardian’s profile.


The FJM, the CM, and the HA reserve the right to automatically exclude any participant who displays inappropriate behavior, uses fraudulent means, or fails to comply with these bases or any of its points.



We will be accepting entries from July 29 to September 13, 2021.


5.Communication of the contest

The participation requirements and these rules will be published through the following Instagram accounts: FJM, and HA; and on CA will publish through other social media channels.


6. Process to participate

See top of the page.


7. The result

The contest will be monitored by the FJM and the HA.


On September 20, 2021, the FJM, CM, and the HA will announce the winners on their respective Social Media accounts and on 3 winners will be selected.


First, second and third places. The winners will be chosen by the highest number of likes, respectively


8. Prizes

Litografía 22.png


Original lithograph

“Veintidós” (2017)

56 x 38 cm

Litografía 43.png


Original lithograph

“Cuarenta y tres” (2017)

56 x 38 cm

Icons for Instagram Contest (1).png

3rd PLACE - Special gift basket includes gift cards from local Greenville businesses! (value $300)

9. Contact with the winner

Once the winner is determined, the FJM, CM, and the HA will make the announcement, simultaneously, in their Instagram accounts, and a representative of the group will contact the individuals by private message and request the necessary data to deliver the prize. The winners must share all the information required to deliver the prizes.


The winners will have five business days, from the date of the notification message, to reply or acknowledge the announcement. If there is no answer by any of the winners after those five business days, their participation will be withdrawn, and a new winner will be selected.


The organizing committee will only make one attempt at contact, so the contact information must be accurate and valid.


10. Prize delivery
The winners will receive the prizes indicated in point 8. There is no option to swap the mentioned prizes for cash or a different object of value. 

The prize will be awarded to the winner during the days after the contest's closing. It could be delivered either in person or by mail.

11. Acceptance of the contest rules
Participation in this contest implies the acceptance of these rules in their entirety.

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